welch's maple syrup


 Brothers Ray and Chuck Welch come from a long line of sugarmakers. Our grandfather,
 George Welch made syrup on our farm as far back as the 1930's that we know about and
 probably did before that . Our father Gerald "Ownie" made syrup with grandpa and
 Richard "Uncle Ick" in the 1940's and 50's. Bernard "Uncle Barnie" had a large sugaring
 operation on Lagrange road for years.
There was sugarmaking on the other side of the family as well. Glenn Walton , our
 grandfather, had a huge (for the time) sugaring operation on Telegraph road in Bliss , NY
 until the 1940's.


In 1976 Ray found the sap buckets and spouts hidden away in the barn and before long
 Welch's were making syrup again , and have every year since.

        Modern technology saves the day !

We have taken full advantage of the many improvements in the syrup making process that
 have come along.
Modern vacuum tubing systems have replaced buckets and allow us to tap trees
that because of there remote location were impossible to tap with buckets.
Smaller diameter spouts produce much less damage to the trunk of the tree. The
 industry standard taphole size has been 7/16"dia. for years. We have converted all of our
 taps over to the much smaller 19/64" dia.spouts.
Food Grade stainless steel equipment and storage drums helps us make better
 syrup and lasts longer.
Concrete floors and running water in the sugarhouse makes it easy to produce a
 top quality product. Not too long ago a dirt floor and  bucket of sap for clean-up was the
 industry standard.
Reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration of raw sap along with ultraviolet light
 sterilization help us produce better flavored higher quality syrup quicker and with less fuel
 than in the past.

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