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  Our pure maple sugar candy is made from the very best  Amber Color maple syrup. Pure
 maple syrup is the only ingredient in our candy. They have a  semi-soft melt in your mouth
 texture and great maple flavor.

 The pure maple syrup is heated and boiled to remove some water and then it is cooled
 slightly, stirred and dispensed into molds of various shapes while still hot. They are ready to
 eat when cool and have a shelf life of about two weeks unless they are crystal coated.
 Crystal coating extends the shelf life to several months.

  Crystal coating is done by soaking the cooled sugar pieces in thicker than normal pure
 maple syrup for several hours. This forms a very thin layer of freshness preserving  sugar on
 the candy. Coated sugar costs more to make but is worth it.

 Maple sugar candy is sold by the piece, in cello bags and boxed. We now crystal coat all
of our candy unless specified.

       Shelf life uncoated -- 2 to 3 weeks.    Shelf life crystal coated -- 1 to 3 months

                                Prices  ( crystal coated )

                                            Per ounce  -------  $1.25

                                  Half pound box   --------  $9.00

                                   One pound box  --------  $16.00

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