welch's maple syrup


Our sign at the roadside. We are always open.

CDL reverse osmosis machine is the real workhorse of a Pure Maple Syrup operation.

This is the fitting that is used to collect sap.

We have started to convert from plastic to stainless spiles. We now have 7000 in service.

New flue pan we built ready for service.

New flue pan, lots of cutting, bending and welding.

New flue pan I am building, Lots more work to do before it can be used.

Some samples of the first syrup of 2008

This is a steam kettle. We use it to heat maple syrup and to further boil down maple syrup for maple cream, granulated sugar and molded maple sugar.

One of our four gathering tanks and vacuum systems. This one has 1700 taps.

Boiling some fresh 2015 maple syrup to make maple sugar candy.

Our new maple kitchen is starting to shape up, still lots more to do though.

This is our evaporator used to boil the water out of the maple sap. It is oil fired and has been customized to suit our needs.

Our "Leader " 4ft. by 12ft. evaporator.We love stainless steel , the more the better.

Welch's sugarhouse 2005

Our new addition has radiant heat in the floor, no more cold feet!

Welch's sugarhouse 1989

Welch's Sugarhouse 1982.

Fall colors on an old maple tree.

Welch's Sugarhouse 2003.

Mark T. Tapping Maple Trees.

Ben Welch drilling tapholes.

Kids love seeing sap "run".

Maple syrup samples.

Modern vacuum tubing system.

This is one of four woods we tap.

38 gallon stainless drums ready for the 2015 crop of syrup.

We use stainless drums to store our bulk maple syrup. Each one of these weighs about 480 lbs full.

Saplines buried in snow.

We have to dig out any tubing covered with snow or the sap will freeze and not flow.


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