welch's maple syrup



Pure Maple Cream  Buy online!

         Pure Maple Cream is made from our best Amber Color maple syrup. It has a
         very smooth texture and can be spread on bagels, crackers, toast, used as a
         frosting or can be eaten right out of the jar. What a special treat !

        Pure Maple Cream contains nothing but Pure maple syrup. The syrup is heated
       and concentrated  and then cooled quickly  to 60 degrees before being churned
       in a special machine. Tiny crystals form and grow as it is being churned, and eventually
       the maple syrup is converted to a soft spreadable wonder known as Maple Cream.

       Because Pure maple Cream contains no preservatives it should be kept refrigerated
       or can be frozen for longer storage life.
       If separation occurs in a container of maple cream it is normal and will in no way effect
       the flavor. Simply stir back to it's original consistency.


Half Pound (8oz.) - 7.50
One Pound (16oz.) - 12.00


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