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    Welch's Delicious Pure Maple Syrup
Pure Maple Syrup is made from the sweet sap of the sugar maple
   tree. Every year in early spring when winter is just starting to lose
   it's grip on the forests we head to the woods where we drill a small
   hole in the tree and capture a small portion of each tree's sap over
   the next four to six weeks.

   The sap from thousands of tree's is collected either with buckets
   hung on the side of the tree or with Tubing which collects the sap
   and guides it to a collection tank  where it is stored.

   Warm days and freezing nights are what triggers the sap to flow in the
   maple trees. If either of these is missing the sap "runs" or flows
   very little if any at all.

   When enough sap is collected for the day it is transferred to the
   evaporator where it is boiled and concentrated by removing huge
   volumes of water. This is the part of the process that many are
   used to seeing if you live in the northeast. Huge plumes of steam
   can be seen rising from sugarhouses when the sap's running.

   Maple sap starts out from the tree at only  about 2% sugar. It takes
   the sugar of 40 to 50 gallons of sap (that's 340 to 425 pounds of sap)
   to make just one gallon of pure maple syrup.
   Pure maple syrup is not just sugar however, it also
   contains many minerals and trace elements. It is the combination
   of these trace compounds and the addition of heat when boiling
   that gives Pure maple syrup such a desired flavor.

    We have all grades of pure maple syrup put up in durable, easy
     easy to ship plastic containers.

    All of our pure maple syrup is hot packed and sealed and will keep
    almost indefinitely until opened. Once opened it should be kept
    refrigerated or for longer storage life it can be frozen -- Don't
    worry it just gets thick  and will NOT EXPAND and break the
    container like water. You can even freeze new unopened bottles
    of pure maple syrup to preserve it's color and flavor.





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                 Plastic Jug                        
Gallon (2 half gallon) - 50.00          
                   Half Gallon               - 26.00          
                   Quart                       - 16.00            
                   Pint                          - 9.00             






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