welch's maple syrup


                Granulated Maple Sugar   Buy online!
             "Considered the world's premier sweetener"


     Granulated pure maple sugar is made from pure maple syrup, usually Amber
 Color or Dark Color. In fact pure maple syrup is the only ingredient. Pure maple syrup is
 heated and boiled until all water is removed. It is then cooled , stirred and sifted leaving just
 sugar and the trace minerals that give this all natural sweetener such a great flavor. When
 you open the jar you will smell the concentrated maple flavor.

     Use in place of white or brown sugar in your favorite recipe, sprinkle on hot or cold
 cereal or for a real treat use in coffee or tea.

    The uses for granulated maple sugar are not limited to just breakfast or sweets.
 It is perfect as a sweetener in bbq sauces, rubs or sprinkled on baked squash.


               Shelf life is several years! if stored in a relatively dry location..


                                               24 oz. - 15.00
                                               12 oz. - 9.00
                                               6 oz.   - 6.00
                                               10 pound bulk  -  80.00


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