welch's maple syrup

                         Pure Maple Syrup Grades

               Pure Maple Syrup is offered for sale in 4 different grades or flavors.

U.S. grade A Light Amber - Is very light in color and has a mild, delicate flavor
 often with a subtle vanilla flavor.  Best on vanilla ice cream , pancakes, crepes or to
 make fine maple sugar candy and maple cream.

U.S. grade A Medium Amber - Is darker in color and has more pronounced 
 maple flavor. The most popular table syrup. Can also be used for baking.

U.S. grade A Dark Amber - Is dark, rich and flavorful. Can have subtle caramel
 flavor and is great for the table or for baking.

U.S. grade B Extra Dark - Is darker and stronger flavored than Grade A Dark.
Can have strong caramel flavor and is excellent for cooking. Has flavor strong enough
 not to get " lost " when used in recipes with nuts or spices. Grade B is also being used
 by some as an ingredient in specialized cleansing diets such as the Master Cleanser.

                            Maple Facts

  • We as maple syrup producers do not have much control over what grade of
    Pure Maple Syrup we will produce on any given day. The weather and mother
     nature have the biggest influence but generally we will start the season making
     Light Amber and progress towards the darker grades as the season continues.
    We have made Dark Amber in the morning and Light Amber just a couple
    of hours later.

  • All Pure Maple Syrup contains 67% sugar with the rest being minerals and water.

  • The sugar in Pure Maple Syrup is almost 100% sucrose.

  • Maple sap contains about 2% sugar and it takes 43 gallons of 2% sap to make
    one gallon of Pure Maple Syrup.

  • North America is the only place in the world where Pure Maple syrup is made.

  • Birch trees are tapped in Alaska to make birch syrup. It has a very " unique " taste
    and is usually sweetened after its made.

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